Transfer money to someone internationally for 0.5% on PayPal

If you have friends, family or business associates living abroad, you may have found it difficult or expensive to transfer money.  PayPal seems to offer a cheap solution HERE.  If you transfer the money using funds in either your PayPal account or bank account (linked to PayPal), the cost is 0.5% of the transaction (at least for denominations of a few hundred dollars.)

I haven’t completed a transaction yet, but apparently you’re shown the exchange rate when you choose to send the money internationally.  My only other question would be how good of a rate you get, but I would assume it’s pretty close to the rate banks and credit cards receive (which I believe is the best you can get.)

If anyone has used PayPal to send money internationally, please comment with your experience and/or the exchange rate you received!


2 Responses to “Transfer money to someone internationally for 0.5% on PayPal”

  1. Mike M. Atupan Says:

    I cant transfer the money that I have right now with PayPal because I still don’t have a US issued debit or credit card.

    So would I be stuck now with this and need to wait for my debit to arrive after 30 days?

    I desperately need to use my money now, can somebody help me please.

  2. Ward Williams Says:

    Mike – Recommend you consult the Paypal help folks.

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